Italian Organ in Belfort

Italian Organ in Belfort

Italian style at Ste-Odile Church - Gérald GUILLEMIN workshop

Buffet peint et doré, Ripieno et jeux Da Concerto, Gérald Guillemin’s organ is designed for very “Italian” concerts.

Built in 1979, this instrument is directly inspired by the classic Italian organ, by its sound aesthetics and by its painted, gilded case with the flat front made with mitres, flat faces and cornices. Like the type of organ that was built in the 17th century, it includes a minimum of really essential stops that can be grouped into two categories: Ripieno stops (full play) and Da Concerto stops (concert). At first glance, this ensemble may seem limited considering the importance of a good number of French organs of the time, but in reality, it is so coherent and perfect that it is sufficient on its own. Italian organ builders will keep this model more or less intact (while adjusting it a little) until our century, unlike other schools. 

The instrument has a single keyboard and a drawbar pedal. Tuning fork A = 440Hz, meantone temperament. 

Girolamo FRESCOBALDI – dernier verset du Kyrie (avec le Ripieno), Jean-Charles ABLITZER
Girolamo FRESCOBALDI – Toccata avanti la messa de la Madona, Jean-Charles ABLITZER
Girolamo FRESCOBALDI – Toccata per l’Elevazione, Jean-Charles ABLITZER