The organs

L’Orgue Renaissance à Valdoie

L'inspiration Renaissance à l'église Saint-Joseph - atelier Didier Chanon - restauration Peter Meier

Cet orgue a été construit en 1973 pour le conservatoire de musique de Belfort. Il a été réalisé en totalité dans les ateliers du facteur Didier Chanon avec un souci d’excellence et d’exigence pour le travail des élèves.Après une restauration en 2016 par Peter Meier, il a pris place dans l’église Saint-Joseph de Valdoie. Avec […]

French organ in Faucogney-et-la-Mer

French stil by Joseph RABINY - 1787

Restoration envisaged – This page will be filled in according to the progress of the project. Joseph Rabiny (construction 1787) Grégoire Rabiny (relevage 1811) Joseph Callinet (déplacement et modifications 1849) Didier Henri (reconstruction 1851) Philippe Hartmann et Jean Deloye (restauration 1976)

French Organ in Luxeuil-les-Bains

French style at St-Pierre et St-Paul basilica - Jean DELOYE, Philippe HARTMANN, Michel FORMENTELLI workshops

Of Flemish origin, with French character , marked by an unfortunate episode and a reconstruction attributed to Jean Deloye and Philippe Hartmann – the historic organ of the Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Luxeuil-les-Bains was inaugurated in 2020 after a restoration carried out by Michel Formentelli and Jean Deloye. It was in […]

Spanish Organ in Grandvillars

Iberic style at St-Martin Church - J. LOIS CABELLO and Ch. VETTER workshops - Polychromie by D. FERNANDEZ

Polychromy, gilding, short octave, chamades and cut keyboard, all the Spanish golden century in this instrument with contrasting and chiseled tones The construction of the instrument (2017/2018) was entrusted to a consortium of Spanish companies: Organos Moncayo of Christine Vetter in Tarazona, Aragon, and Taller de Organería of Joaquín Lois Cabello in Tordesillas, Castile. The […]

Flemisch Organ in Beurnevesin

Flemisch style at St-Jacques Church - Bertrand CATTIAUX workshop

The organ in the Beurnevésin Church was built by Bertrand Cattiaux in 2019. With a Flemish aesthetic, it is a polyphonic instrument that is inspired by 17th century models, particularly found in the Antwerp region The idea of a Flemish-style organ for the church of Beurnevésin, which had never had a pipe organ, very quickly […]

Saxon Organ in Porrentruy

Central-Germany style at Jesuits-Church - Jürgen AHREND workshop

The wishes expressed by the local officials and the handsome decorations of the Jesuit church prompted me to choose a historical façade – a model by Gottfried Silbermann. The fact that up to then no organ builder had ever attempted an integral copy of these beautiful organ cases was a further major incentive. The goal […]

French Organ in Saint-Ursanne

Franco-alsatian style at Collegiate Church - historic J. BESANÇON / restauration by Bertrand CATTIAUX workshop

Before the French Revolution, organ builders often settled in episcopal capitals, where they could count on the many convents clustered around the cathedral as potential customers. On the left bank of the high Rhine valley, the city of Strasburg attracted prestigious builders like the Silbermanns. The city of Basel could not exert the same attraction […]

German Organ in Bellelay – Great Organ

Sud-Germany style at Bellelay Abbey - Great organ - KUHN manufacture

The great Bossard organ of the former Premonstratensian monastery of Bellelay, which dated back to 1721, disappeared during the French Revolution.  Among the visible traces of the instrument, the most mysterious was its silhouette: it was drawn on the west wall, like a memorial, seeming to express the expectation of its rebirth. In addition to […]

German Organ in Bellelay – Choir Organ

Sud-Germany style at Bellelay Abbey - Choir organ - KUHN manufacture

The overall picture formed by the organs of the former Abbey of Bellelay at the beginning of the eighteenth century was to become reality again with the building of the choir organ, just after that of the regal organ and the reconstruction of the great organ. The building of the choir organ was made possible […]

Regal Organ Bellelay/Porrentruy

Portable-organ at Abbey-Church of Bellelay and Jesuits-Church of Porrentruy - KUHN manufacture

The smallest organ in the former abbey church of Bellelay is a copy of the Ab Yberg family’s positive (made around 1600), now in the Basel Historical Museum. In the course of its history, the positive had undergone several transformations, in particular the extension and replacement of the original reed stop. The rehabilitation process restored […]

Italian Organ in Belfort

Italian style at Ste-Odile Church - Gérald GUILLEMIN workshop

Buffet peint et doré, Ripieno et jeux Da Concerto, Gérald Guillemin’s organ is designed for very “Italian” concerts. Built in 1979, this instrument is directly inspired by the classic Italian organ, by its sound aesthetics and by its painted, gilded case with the flat front made with mitres, flat faces and cornices. Like the type […]

French organ in Belfort

L’école française à la cathédrale St-Christophe – historique J.-B. WALTRIN puis Frères CALLINET / restauration manufacture K. SCHWENKEDEL

The Organ of la Cathédrale Saint-Christophe, three dates, three faces: 1750 – the creation and Jean-Baptiste Waltrin, 1850 – the extension and the Callinet brothers, 1970 – the reconstruction and Kurt Schwenkedel In 1749, the city of Belfort ordered an organ from Jean-Baptiste Waltrin. The father of Jean-Baptiste had built the organ of the old […]

Nordic organ in Belfort

L'école du nord au Temple St-Jean – atelier Marc GARNIER

An Arp Schnitger version by Marc Garnier, in the purest Nordic tradition It is not common for an association to be the prime contractor for a project of artistic and financial importance comparable to that of the organ of temple Saint-Jean. This role is more often played by public bodies, the main funders of major […]